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Hello…here’s a little bit about us.

We are Ardis Smart Garden Offices and we provide the country’s leading range of garden offices. 

We’ve worked hard to establish our reputation as the UK’s No1. garden office supplier, However, we remain a small company and we’re proud of our craftsmanship, value for money and friendly customer service. 

We only produce dedicated garden offices. We don’t make sheds, log cabins or anything else.

To make the best, there can be no compromise on quality or specification..

Our garden offices are designed, specified and manufactured to an unbeatable standard, meaning your home office is secure, comfortable and robust all year round. Not only that, but our offices also are affordable – from just £3995 – and they retain their value for many years; that gives you the flexibility to trade-up, trade-in or move-on whenever you choose.

Our team have produced hundreds of garden offices to date.

In recognition of our work in this field, the founder was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in 2004. our team only compromises of highly skilled and experienced cabinet makers and joiners.