Ardis Garden Offices And Buildings

whether you need a recording studio a bar, office garden offices to work from home in or a place to relax an ardis garden office may be just the solution.

What materials do you use for your garden buildings

We use a combination of traditional and composite materials for our garden retreats and the end result is a visually stunning building which will fit into your back garden and will enhance your outdoor space.

Why Would i want to buy a garden office

it’s common to have a home office nowadays using the kitchen table or a spare bedroom, and some even look at building an extra bedroom or an extension, but that can have a significant cost, plus you’ve got the problem with kids running around or having everyone else beign extra considerate when you’re working .

you can be on the phone or a video call with a client or colleagues at the office and in the room next door your daughters singing nursery rhymes and your son is playing fortnite, that’s not going sound that professional.

Ardis garden offices supplied garden builidings direct to customers avoiding the additional costs of contractors. this enables us to produce buildings at a cost-effective price with a huge variety of prices and dimensions and styles to enhance the smallest to the largest of gardens.

It’s more cost effective that office space and adds value to your property

You can have your own fully fitted Ardis garden retreat for an affordable price. Many tell us they consider leasing office space as they think they would miss out on those facilities with garden offices, but then for the same cost over three years, you have nothing to show for it, whereas with Garden offices in your back garden, you are enhancing the aesthetic of your property as well as the resale value of your home.

You also have that separation from home because you are physically away from the main living area so you can keep your work separate from your home so it seems to work for many who are fearful that they will always be stuck to the desk.

No problems with planning permission

planning permission isn’t normally an issue either, the rules were relaxed so as long as the buildings are under two and a half meters high, which ours are, then there should be no planning issues. but if you have any concerns give us a call and we can talk you through the guidelines.

Construction is easy no matter the layout or access to your garden

The construction is normally pretty straight forward also, as most of the components are designed so they can be transported through the house should you have no access to the rear of the property due to the lay out.

We start by drilling a series of bore holes about eight inches down to a foot feet those are filled with concrete to create piles and then the base frame made out of galvanized steel sits on top of those piles

The end result is the building which is suspended from the ground so you get a constant airflow under the building, that means there will be no condensation, and no possibility of rising damp.

excellent quality and looks stunning

The walls are made from several components. The outer layer is made from sustainable redwood timber from Norway, between those layers we have a vapour barrier Celotex insulation foil backed layer. The inner layer is a fitted melamine faced board it gives a very attractive clean light surface which is easily cleaned and is incredibly durable.

Though if you have a specific finish you prefer, we can do that too.

The floor is very solid and is a fantastic insulator, it’s made up of an 18mm thick, six-panel board. two layers of floor sections sandwich with about three inches of dense insulation.

We have two layers of steel and in between those layers three inches of packed insulation which has incredible thermal values, so it means the heat you put into the building stays within the building.

Security is often better than your own home and insurance isn’t a problem

All our windows and doors are double glazed which gives a very good thermal value and is as good as if not better than most households double glazing.

The locking systems are all five-lever with chute bolts top and bottom, they’re all recognized by insurance companies and police recommended, so you have no problem getting with building insuranced.

The uPVC can come in three colors, there’s a light oak dark oak or a charcoal gray, alternatively, you can have bifold doors which look spectacular.

all the electrics are cavity wide so you won’t see any surface wiring.

the whole building can basically be wired as a normal house would – whatever the sophistication you want the Ardis office buildings is much better than you can ever imagine it would ever be.

Ardis garden offices and buildings are a shrewd investment

why not contact us and discuss a range of ardis office and garden buildings about what would work for you we’re dedicated to helping your design plan and installs your perfect green roofs [Music]